Collaborative Projects

ASQ has always strived to take the quartet in different directions. As a result, many very successful collaborative projects have come to fruition. Apollo Quartet have worked with string orchestras, dance companies, percussionists, electronics, poets and some go the leading chamber ensembles in the UK.

ASQ are very pleased to announce that their latest project, a newly formed saxophone octet, will be recording its first album in early February 2019.

A Collaboration with the Artvark Quartet from Holland has seen a fusion of classical and jazz and an exploration of how these two genres can collide and merge. All eight members have composed new pieces of music for the group. These were workshopped over a series of concerts in the Netherlands in the summer of 2018.

An exclusive Uk premier of the project will take place on February 1st at the Event Space at HOME in Manchester. Tickets are limited and can be reserved on the Apollo BUY TICKETS page. Further performance dates for summer 2019 will be announced shortly.
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